Consolidated Edison, Inc. Creates ‘Con Edison Clean Energy Businesses, Inc.’ and Announces the Leadership Team

Feb 8, 2017

VALHALLA, NY – February 8, 2017 – Consolidated Edison, Inc. has created a new
holding company, Con Edison Clean Energy Businesses, Inc., that brings together its
three existing corporations active in America’s competitive energy marketplace: Con
Edison Solutions, Con Edison Development and Con Edison Energy.

Mark Noyes serves as CEO and President of the three clean energy businesses, which
are all co-located in Valhalla, NY. In addition to announcing the holding company, it was
announced that James J. Dixon will serve as Senior Vice President and Chief Operating
Officer of all three companies.

“The energy industry is one of the most dynamic and complex components of our
national economy,” said Joseph Oates, Chairman of the Board of the Con Edison Clean
Energy Businesses. “Success in the energy sector requires extraordinary insight and
expertise. With their talent and experience, Mark Noyes and Jim Dixon will lead our
team of skilled professionals so that our clean energy businesses achieve their fullest

“Each of the businesses within Con Edison Clean Energy Businesses has an
outstanding record of accomplishment, and each is poised for continued growth,” said
Mr. Noyes. “Now with a common leadership team, these three organizations stand
ready to fortify our status among the best in the business.”

Mr. Noyes has many years of experience with Consolidated Edison, Inc., where he
served in a variety of capacities in both the regulated utility and competitive businesses.
In an earlier role as a Vice President of Con Edison Development, he led the company’s
growth into America’s fifth-largest developer, owner and operator of solar energy
infrastructure projects. He began his professional career with the regulated utility,
Consolidated Edison Company of New York (CECONY), where he served in roles for
Substation and Transmission Operations, and in technical management at the Waterside
Generating Station in Manhattan.

Mr. Noyes had also served as a Principal and Managing Partner of B4U Services, a firm
providing consulting services to energy sector clients. Prior to establishing B4U
Services in 2006, he was President and CEO of WebGen Systems, an enterprise
energy-management company providing complete energy services to commercial and
industrial customers.

Mr. Noyes holds a Master of Business Administration degree and a Bachelor of Science
degree in Electrical Engineering. He is also a Certified Energy Manager and a Certified
Sustainable Development Professional with the Association of Energy Engineers.
As Senior Vice President and Chief Operating Officer for the three businesses, James J.
Dixon is responsible for the safe and efficient operation of each business unit. Mr. Dixon
began his career in 1982 at CECONY, as a Management Intern electrical engineer,
where he worked in various managerial and technical positions while pursuing his law
degree. Upon graduation from law school, he joined the Con Edison Law Department as
an attorney in its Nuclear Regulatory and Commercial Litigation sections. Mr. Dixon
joined Con Edison Solutions in 2004 as its first General Counsel. In 2007, he was
named Vice President of Energy Services. Since 2011, Mr. Dixon has served as Vice
President, Legal and Compliance Services of Con Edison Energy and Con Edison

About Con Edison Clean Energy Businesses
The recently formed Con Edison Clean Energy Businesses, Inc., through its three main
subsidiaries, develops, owns and operates renewable and energy infrastructure assets
and provides energy-related products and services to wholesale and retail customers. It
is headquartered, along with its subsidiaries, in Valhalla, NY.

Con Edison Solutions is a leading energy services company that provides renewable
energy, sustainability services, cost-effective energy efficiency solutions, demand
response, and energy performance contracting. The company serves commercial,
industrial, residential and government customers, as well as universities, public school
districts, and hospitals nationwide. Offering innovative products, financial stability, and a
commitment to customer service, the company has offices in Valhalla, New York;
Burlington, Massachusetts; Cherry Hill, New Jersey; Falls Church, Virginia; Tampa,
Florida; Overland Park, Kansas, Nashville, Tennessee; and Bloomington, Minnesota.
The company’s dedicated team of energy professionals delivers a broad range of energy
solutions. Con Edison Solutions offers programs and services designed to help
customers achieve their individual energy objectives and is accredited as an Energy
Services Provider (ESP) by the National Association of Energy Service Companies

Con Edison Development develops, owns and operates renewable and energy
infrastructure assets. The company is one of the largest owners and operators of solar
assets in North America.

Con Edison Development is focusing on energy infrastructure assets as part of a growth
strategy and an overall corporate goal of responsible environmental stewardship.
Through its deep resources and trusted relationships with a range of energy-related
companies, it currently owns and operates facilities generating more than 1350 MW DC /
1100 MW AC of renewable power across Arizona, California, Iowa, Massachusetts,
Minnesota, Nevada, Nebraska, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Dakota
and Texas.

Con Edison Energy is an experienced power marketer and asset manager, providing
customized energy-management services to a broad range of clients. The company is
active in the New England, New York, PJM, ERCOT and California ISOs.

Con Edison Energy provides a comprehensive set of services for energy asset owners
that range from consulting and strategic planning to core logistical services such as
bidding and scheduling, fuel management, and hedge execution. The company
currently provides energy management services to more than 6,200 MW of electric
generation. The company’s services are designed to handle all front-, middle- and back office
functions required for merchant and renewable asset owners as well as for load

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