Lt.-Gov. Karyn Polito Dedicates New Solar Installation in Westfield, Ma.

Sep 20, 2016

Con Edison Development Transforms Former ‘Brownfield’ Site Into a Source of Clean and Renewable Energy.

WESTFIELD, MA – September, 20, 2016: Massachusetts Lieutenant-Governor Karyn
Polito today dedicated a new solar power installation in Westfield, MA that transforms a
local ten-acre “brownfield” site into a source of clean and renewable energy for the

Lt. Governor Polito was joined by City of Westfield Mayor Brian P. Sullivan, and Mark
Noyes, President and CEO of ConEdison Development, developer of the solar site. The
company is one of America’s largest owners and operators of renewable energy
infrastructure projects.

The 8,844-panel solar installation will generate enough energy to provide electricity for
approximately 300 homes. The facility will provide 3 MW (DC) / 2 MW (AC) of renewable
power, an amount that offsets a level of carbon dioxide emissions equivalent to the
removal of approximately 700 vehicles from Massachusetts roadways every year.
“We’ve been proud to enact major clean energy legislation promoting a balanced
approach to diversifying Massachusetts’ energy portfolio,” said Lieutenant Governor
Karyn Polito. “We applaud Westfield and ConEdison Development for their ingenuity in
transforming a brownfield into a source of clean energy, and look forward to future
projects continuing the growth of the Commonwealth’s vibrant solar industry.”
“We are honored to have Lieutenant-Governor Polito join us as we bring renewable
power to the Westfield community,” said Mr. Noyes. “This state understands the
importance of clean energy. The visionary policies of Massachusetts have allowed solar
sites like this to flourish throughout the Commonwealth.”

“With the encouragement of forward-looking public officials like Lieutenant-Governor
Polito, Westfield has been able to solve two serious challenges at once,” said Mayor
Sullivan. “First, we have returned a brownfield site to productive use. And second,
Westfield has boosted our commitment to clean energy.”

The solar installation, owned and operated by ConEdison Development, provides clean
and renewable solar power to Westfield Electric & Gas under a long-term power
purchase agreement.

Prior to construction, the reclaimed land had been an underutilized former gravel pit
listed as a “brownfield” by the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection

Development of the site required the processing of approximately 60,000 cubic yards of
construction demolition debris, all of which was subsequently used on site for grading
and roadways. Moreover, working closely with the City of Westfield Conservation
Commission and the Massachusetts Department of Wildlife and Fisheries, ConEdison
Development established a wetland replication area, allowing the area to serve as an
attractive location for wildlife to thrive in the future.

To ensure acquisition of all required permits and approvals, ConEdison Development
worked closely with the City of Westfield, the MADEP and the site owner.
About ConEdison Development

ConEdison Development (CED) develops, owns and operates renewable and energy
infrastructure projects. The company is one of the largest owners and operators of solar
projects in North America.

ConEdison Development is focusing on renewable energy assets as part of a growth
strategy and an overall corporate goal of responsible environmental stewardship.
Through its deep resources and trusted relationships with a range of energy-related
companies, CED has successfully developed, and owns and operates facilities
generating more than 1100 MW (DC) / 885 MW (AC) of renewable power across
California, Arizona, Nevada, Texas, Nebraska, New Jersey, Massachusetts,
Pennsylvania, South Dakota and Rhode Island.

ConEdison Development is one of the competitive energy businesses of Consolidated
Edison, Inc. [NYSE: ED], the nation’s oldest and one of the largest investor-owned
energy companies, with approximately $13 billion in annual revenues and $45 billion in
assets. More information can be obtained by calling 914-993-2185. You can also visit
the Consolidated Edison, Inc. website at

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